Had enough of Microbes?


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Castors Unlimited are now able to supply a full range of Antimicrobial Castors with Biocote Technology. Designed for use in care homes, hospitals and other environments where surface protection from microbes is important.  These antimicrobial castors incorporate BioCote ion technology … Continue reading

Office Chairs Unlimited Start Selling Office Chairs and Furniture

Owing to several requests by our customers who have been buying replacement castors or castors for new projects we have decided to launch a range of Office Chairs and Office Furniture through both our eEbay Store and Direct on our Website.  Its now even possible to purchase them through our Facebook page without even leaving the page.

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If you want a greater selection of office Furniture our sister company Office Chairs Unlimited have hundreds of office chairs, desks and lounge and bistro furniture available. Go to www.officechairsunlimited.co.uk

Office Chairs Unlimited also have a Fan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officechairsunltd

Need an unusual shape of tube end?

We have now listed a variety of Oval Flat Sided Ribbed Tube Ends to compliment our range of Square Tube Inserts, Round Inserts and Rectangular Inserts.  Our range of Inserts, Bungs and Ferrules for use on chair and table feet have quickly become one of our most popular sellers.  If you cannot find the size you need then drop us a line and we will see if we have it.

Sixth Form Colleges, Education Sites and Event Companies Buy Our Scaffolding Tube Ends

We are getting more and more schools, colleges and educations sites with drama departments contacting us and purchasing our scaffolding tube ends.

We have asked why and are told that the scaffolding tube ends we supply prevent damage to the floors and walls of the stage or wherever the scafolding poles are erected. 

The scaffolding tube ends also have the added advantage of making the poles safer to handle and carry giveing added health and safety benefits.

Castors Unlimited have been selling this popular product to quite a few event companies and staging companies that put the stage shows together for a number of top pop acts.

Unlike some of our competitors, the scaffolding tube ends are the top end of the market, so they are more expensive but they provide a much better value for money because they last much much longer than the cheap ones that break or fall off. Our ones are ribbed and fit inside the tube so rarely fall out.  They are UK manufactured and are solid, hard wearing and look better than the yellow caps other suppliers sell.

If you would like to discuss us supplying you with scaffolding tube ends or other end caps, bungs or inserts then please contact us at info@castorsunlimited.co.uk or conttact 01362 690028

Castors Unlimited Launch a new product – Domed School Chair Feet


Just started selling a new unique product on ebay and to the UK market on the web. Special domed school chair feet, designed from a hard wearing plastic to take the rigor of continual movement and rough flooring. Unique dome design to fit both the front and back legs where other products on the market are for front or back legs only these will fit both.

If you are a school, conference centre, village hall or anywhere where you have stacking chairs needing replacment feet then you have found them.

Dome design allows insert to be used on front and back chair legs where other products on the market only fit on either the front of the back these will do both.  The special material used in these inserts is extra hard weraing whilst still giving the fexibility to be able to push into the chair leg.
No matter what chair foot, ferrule, insert or bung you need, we have a massive selection of sizes and shapes available.  Contact us with your requirements or shop on our website or on our ebay shop.

Castors Unlimited Launch a new range of Domed School Chair Feet

Castors Unlimited Launch Their Website

Castors Unlimited have now launched their website.  It is still under construction and new products are being uploaded every day but there are already masses of products from across the categories we supply.
We provide a range of hard wheel castors and soft tyre castors with many wheel diameters to choose from  with braked or free wheeling options available.  If you need replacement wheels for your office chair or are in manufacturing and have an application you need some wheels for then contact us.
Castors Unlimited also have a massive range of adjustable feet.  Whatever your application or project we have an adjuster or glide suitable.  As we have no minimum order level if you need one because you have lost the foot off of your washing machine during a house move or you have a small DIY project that needs some feet then go to our website and take a look.  We have everything from Heavy Duty Adjusters for industrial projects like supporting conveyor belts, Tilt Adjusters where the flooring maybe slightly uneven, and adjusters with foot sizes ranging from 25mm to 100mm wide.  We have adjusters with thread sizes of M6, M8, M10, M12 & M16 in just about all lengths.  If you cant fined what you want on the website just give us a call and we would be pleased to help.
One of our largest and most popular range of products is our Tube ends, bungs and ferrules.  These have so many applications from simply filling a hole, covering a tube such as a scaffolding pole, or plastic or metal tube, table leg, bench leg or covering the end of a chair with metal legs such as school or conferencing chairs.  Again we are still loading the hundreds of tube ends into the site so if you cant see anything you need contact us for more information.

Schools & Educations Sites. – Need replacement school chair and desk feet to stop damage to your floors?

Castors Unlimited are specialist suppliers for offices, conference centres and the education sector of chair castors, adjustable feet and protective chair leg and table leg caps and feet.

We have a variety of products designed for school chair and table legs to prevent damage to flooring.  Manu Sizes of Tube Ends, Ferrules and Chair and Desk Feet.

Features and Benefits
  • Protects polished and soft flooring from damage
  • Reduces floor replacement and repair costs
  • Extends the longevity of the chairs
  • Massive selection of chair feet and desk tube ends available
  • Round, square and rectangular shapes available
  • Easy to fit and replace existing damaged feet
We supply quality products manufactured by a UK based company with over 60 years of experience and conform to ISO 9001 for quality controls on business and ISO 14001 for the control of activities that have an effect on the environment.
You can see and order the products we supply on our website or alternatively give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.  Our website also has an enquiry form for you to use to tell us what you need.
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Email your requirements to info@castorsunlimited.co.uk or use our online enquiry form by clicking here.