How to maximise efficiency and concentration from your office staff.

How to maximise efficiency and concentration from your office staff.

What are the key things to make a comfortable working environment and maximize the productivity of your office staff?.  Let us know your views and lets build a list of things that businesses can do to improve the working environment for their staff.  Please respond below, we will collate them and re-post with a Top 10 list.


Kenco Freshseal hit the shelves of Castors Unlimited.

We have just launched a complimentary range of vending and hot beverage products to our portfolio. Many of our customers are work sites or leisure locations and we will be launching a wider selection of In-Cup, Vending and Roast and Ground Products on our website over the coming months. To start with the excellent Kenco Freshseal Cups. These have the ingredients already in the cup and simply add boiling water for an amazing and refreshing drink. The Freshseal products includes Tea, a range of Coffees, Cappio, Chocolate and Soup even Bovril. Click the link below to see the range and get some more information.
Castors Unlimited Add Kenco Freshseal To Their Range

Latest News:  We have just become a Top Rated Seller on eBay!

Here at Castors Unlimited, we have just been awarded Top Rated Seller Status for the quality of the feedback we have received in eBay. This has been because of our focus on customer service, quality products, reasonable pricing and speed of delivery.  Thank you to all of our customer that have purchased from us, we really appreciate it and would not have a business without you.  Have a look at some of the feedback yourself by  clicking this link:

Now that we have learnt how to, we are now adding PDF’s and videos to our website.  Here is the first one targeting schools, education sites and places where stack-able chairs and tables are likely to be.   Massive costs to flooring through damaged or worn chair and table feet can be avoided by replacing the feet as part of a regular facilities management and maintenance program.    Our website and has all of the products any site that needs replacement feet would need as we sell almost all sizes.  Click this link to take you through page for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Education Sites or if you would like to contact us with a question, to place an order or to get some pricing please click here to email us.

Replacement School Chair Feet

Castors Unlimited supply replacement school chair feet, table feet, chair inserts, chair ferrules, chair tips, chair stoppers, and other inserts and ferrules for tubular and wooden chairs and tables. All of our plastic chair feet are manufactured in the UK.
The great majority of school and college furniture is fitted with plastic end covers, or chair feet and table feet, which prevent the metal ends of the furniture from marking the floor. Replacement chair feet offer an inexpensive method of extending the life of your existing chairs and tables, making savings by replacing the feet on chairs and tables and not replacing the furniture itself.
Whether your fittings are Round Chair feet. Square Inserts, Angled Fittings or Rectangular Ferrules, we can provide chair and table fittings for most sizes past & present, and we take pride in being able to match many requirements for chair and table fittings no longer being produced by the chair manufacturers themselves.
Goods are usually delivered within 2-3 days of receipt of order. Offering a competitive and efficient service, we only provide reputable and fully guaranteed products, and all our products are manufactured to conform to heavy contract use requirements.
If you are in doubt over the specifications of any chair feet, chair inserts or other furniture fittings that you wish to replace, please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt and friendly service and advice. We are an approachable and family-run business; we care about customer satisfaction, and about preserving our reputation for reliability and quality.  To see our full range go to our website:

Credit Card and Debit Card Payments Now At Castors Unlimited

We have been growing steadily and now have the facility to take credit and debit cards both online through our online shop or over the phone. This is great news as opens us up to new customers who don’t have PayPal accounts set up.

If you need anything from our extensive range of castors, tube ends, adjustable feet and hand wheels you now can get them using your flexible friend!

Castors Unlimited Advertise on Applegate Business Directory

Castors Unlimited now advertising on Applegate. We are hoping with the support of the Applegate Business Directory, their technology and our excellent account manager Lee Greenall that this will help drive traffic to our new website http://www.castors

Check out our listing in Applegate by clicking on the link below.